Get rid of squirrels and other pests with cupboard essentials – 'chilli flakes' and more


“Then, spray this mixture lightly on your bulbs before planting – don’t drench them. You don’t want the bulbs to become soggy.

“If you have mixture left over, after planting you could also spray the area regularly for a few weeks.

“This will help deter the squirrels while your bulbs are at their most vulnerable.”

Chilli is also a good option as “squirrels don’t like it either”, Louise explained.

She said: “Simply sprinkle chilli flakes over your bulbs before covering them with soil.”

The gardening expert added: “There are other natural, practical solutions beyond the kitchen cupboard which you can try for pesky squirrels.

“For instance, when planting crocus and tulip bulbs in flower beds, add a little sharp gravel to the soil around them.

“Scavenging squirrels will be deterred if they come across jagged material in the soil. For the same reason crushed shells may work too.”


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