‘Garden fails’ that can ‘significantly decrease’ the value of your home – ‘unappealing’


Gardens have become increasingly desired over the last couple of years, with many prioritising outdoor space. Roofing Megastore has shared the top 15 “garden fails” that could collectively decrease the value of a property by over £80,000, and many of which could either be fixed for free, or for very little investment. 

More than 2,000 prospective buyers were asked about the garden trends they value the most, and which would cause them to lower their offer on a property.

Topping the list as the biggest turn off for potential buyers was a mouldy conservatory.

According to the experts, this could knock off £6,140 from the value of a home.

Close behind was damaged garden walls, no lawn, broken guttering and a damaged patio.

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Having rubbish and debris in the garden would knock off £5,500, and having children’s play equipment and toys on display would see buyers put in an offer that’s £5,000 less than the asking price.

If homeowners’ gardens are in serious need, all these issues could reduce a house price by a whopping £83,364, according to the experts.

Having a north facing garden, dead trees and plants as well as having a pond would also result in lower offers.

On the other end of the scale, the research also analysed the external additions which are now valued most by potential buyers.

This included a conservatory, which was the most desired addition to a home, increasing almost £8,500 to the value of a home.

Home office gardens are now second on a buyer’s wish list, followed closely by a gym, orangery and outdoor kitchen.

Hot tubs, garden bars and a greenhouse were also on the valued list for potential buyers.

A built-in pizza oven could add a huge £5,100 and a built-in BBQ could increase a home’s value by £5,000.

Gian-Carlo Grossi, Managing Director at Roofing Megastore, commented: “It’s so important to maintain your garden because mouldy roofs, damaged decking and broken guttering can all significantly decrease the value of your home.

“Not only can a neglected garden be a health hazard and unappealing to look at, often, basic maintenance or DIY is all that’s needed to fix many of the issues that put buyers off the most.

“So many of us have spent much more time at home since the start of the pandemic, meaning there’s been a massive increase in demand for garden features such as garden offices, garden gym studio spaces as well as outdoor cooking and entertaining spaces.

“This shift in demand has been reflected in our study, with homeowners willing to pay several thousands of pounds more for properties with these items.”


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