Fitness influencer’s pregnant belly vanishes in viral TikTok, alarming fans


Expectant parents would be forgiven if they longed to be free of their baby bump, but has pregnant TikToker Tammy Hembrow gone too far?

Decked in tight leggings, the Aussie influencer shared a controversial hack on the video-sharing platform, where now more than 14 million have watched as Hembrow, 27, disappears her bulging belly away.

In one deep breath, Hembrow’s abdomen goes from round to flat.

“When you’re over being pregnant,” the 24-weeks-pregnant mom captioned the video.

Hembrow is currently expecting her first child with fiancé and rugby star Matt Poole, and she shares two more, son Wolf, 6, and daughter Saskia, 5, with ex Reece Hawkins, also a fitness influencer on social media.

But followers are concerned by Hembrow’s anatomically dubious trick, which she shows off against KyleYouMadeThat’s chant “Poof, Be Gone.”

“The baby is it ok?” asked one viewer.

Another implored, “Legit question… wouldn’t that be bad for the baby? Like suddenly out of nowhere just tightening up everything… have studies been done on the shock?”

Hembrow responded to the worried masses, reassuring that its all a part of her exercise routine.

“It’s actually recommended bracing your core like this throughout pregnancy, especially since I train a lot,” she wrote. “Bubby is just fine!”

She told another, “I have to do it when I train, super good for your core doing it throughout pregnancy.”

Hembrow’s fit abs help create the illusion by making her core muscles rigid, so that when she inhales to expand her chest, her internal organs, including her uterus with baby inside, shifts slightly upwards into her rib cage. The movement is akin to how weight lifters pose to make their upper body appear larger while slimming their midsection.

Just as well, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends moderate exercise in most normal pregnancies, to promote healthy weight gain for mom and baby, as well as help relieve pain and tension associated with carrying.


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