F1 'discussing replacing Russian GP' with circuit Lewis Hamilton called 'boring'


However, Qatar remains an enticing option for F1 officials. QIA, the Qatari sovereign wealth fund, holds a 17% share block in the Volkswagen Group, which has been considering entering F1 for a while.

The company are yet to commit Audi and Porsche to the sport amid discussions, and an extra race in Qatar could prove to be a key bargaining chip for F1. Qatar has been linked with the vacant September 25 slot after the country hosted its first-ever Grand Prix last season, ahead of embarking on a new 10-year deal from 2023.

The chief concern over a race being held in Qatar at that time of the year is the extreme heat, with temperatures pushing 40 degrees, which is why other tracks are being considered. The 22-race F1 2022 campaign – which is expected to return to a record 23 races in the near future once a Russian Grand Prix replacement is found – continues with the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix on April 24.


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