Emmerdale spoilers: Ryan Stocks’ mum Irene in danger as he misses a phone call from her

YEARS after meeting his birth mother, is Ryan Stocks in touch with the woman who adopted him?

An upcoming episode of Emmerdale could spring doubt on viewers as the character will ignore a call from Irene.


Ryan Stocks and his adoptive mother Irene[/caption]

Whatever happened to Irene Stocks?

Portrayed by Eithne Browne (and Amy Alexander in a flashback), the character has been seen in the Dales since 2019, leaving her adoptive son Ryan (played by James Moore) to bond with his birth mother, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins).

But in a new episode of the ITV soap, set to air next week (January, 17, 2022), the midwife will make a surprise appearance.

Indeed, as he has been bonding with the Dingles – who have immediately accepted him after learning about his true parentage – Ryan appears to have forgotten all about the woman who raised him as her own.

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An upcoming scene will show him ignore a call from Irene, leading viewers to question their connection and her well-being.

Website builder Ryan arrived in the village in June, 2018, to meet his birth mother with Irene’s blessing.

Ryan was born when Charity was fourteen years old and while she was made a prisoner by police officer Mark Bails.

After giving up her eldest child, Debbie, away, Charity could not stand the thought of having a second baby and attempted to miscarry by drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

Believing her child was dead upon his birth, in December 1990, she fled the hospital, leaving Irene, the midwife who delivered him, to adopt him and raise him as her own.

Questioned by Charity about the whereabouts of her son’s grave, in an attempt to take down DI Bails with DNA evidence, Irene first lied to her, denying any knowledge of the birth and claiming she was on leave at the time.

Irene eventually had a change of heart.

While she initially encouraged him to get in touch with a shocked Charity, Irene slowly let it slip that she was hurt by their growing bond.

Ryan’s relationship with Dawn didn’t arrange things as Irene quickly raged at Charity for letting her adoptive son spend time with the “rough as toast” young woman in a scene aired in July, 2018.

Viewers were shocked to see Irene’s outburst but Ryan seemed far from surprised, although disappointed.

However, when DI Bails made tried to talk to Ryan, Irene had made peace with Charity and condemned the officer for his past actions.

But what has since been happening between Irene and Ryan?

Is there impending drama between the two?

Tune in to ITV to find out.

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Ryan was born when Charity was a teenager[/caption]


He came to the Dales to connect with his birth mother in 2018[/caption]

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