Ellie Goulding health: 'Crippled by anxiety' – singer on being 'terrified' by condition


“This is something so, so many people have gone through, you may be going through right now, or might go through in the future – and I just wanted to say, and I have to remind myself all the time, that it’s not just you, it’s not just me [who are] crippled by anxiety.”

Confronting her condition and battle with anxiety, Goulding went on to provide crucial support and advice for others who may be struggling like her.

“I know so many of you reading this feel this same pain and at the same time so many of you won’t have experienced it, but will most likely know someone who has struggled,” she added.

“For those that are in this right now, we’re together and we can get through this – most importantly, by talking. Talking and opening up is the hardest and the best thing you can do.”


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