‘Easy’ vegetables to grow which need ‘minimal’ attention – ‘no better time’ to start


It is important to sow fruit and vegetables at the correct time of year so that when they are ready to harvest, they are as tasty as possible. May is a great time to get started on the vegetable patch if you haven’t already because the weather is getting warmer. A spokesperson for GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk said: “As the warmer weather slowly starts to creep in, there is no better time for Britons to get their hands dirty and get sowing.

“If it’s your first time having a go at gardening, there are plenty of easy vegetables you can grow this spring with minimal time and attention, some can even be grown indoors on the windowsill.

“There are plenty of vegetables that are best planted in May that will grow just in time for the BBQ season.”

The expert also said there is “no better time” to start growing vegetables than now.

One vegetable which can be sown now is beetroot, which can be used in cooking.

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“This plant will need plenty of rich and moist soil and plenty of sunlight. These varieties can continue to be grown right the way through until July.”

Some vegetables can be grown all the way through the summer months, including lettuces and radishes.

Lettuces can be grown until August, ready for harvest until October.

According to GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk, they prefer a sunny position, although they can tolerate some light shade.

To sow them correctly, sow the seeds in moist soil, cover them very lightly with compost and don’t let the soil get too dry.

With radishes, seeds can be planted right through to September.

The experts said they only take around a month from when they are sown until they are ready to be harvested.

They explained: “Pop them into a gro-bag, window box, or container and place in a position that gets a moderate amount of light.

“Tomatoes can be grown in any space, no matter how big or small.

“They’re perfect if you live in a flat or somewhere with limited green space. Start by growing the seeds indoors for the first few weeks and then transfer them outside, either in a container or straight to the soil.

“There are plenty of tomato varieties so that you won’t be short on options.”


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