Drivers warned of fines for 'illegal' parking as motorists clash – 'stop being bitter!'


Plans are expected to be introduced later this year which aim at banning pavement parking and fining drivers who could obstruct other drivers. Avon and Somerset Police in South Somerset have been out in their area warning drivers of the fines they face if they park illegally.

They tweeted: “PCSO Will from the Wincanton NPT (neighbourhood policing team) has been in Henstridge and Templecombe handing out parking penalty notices to vehicles parked illegally. 

“The Wincanton NPT continues to educate road users and will use Traffic Offence Report tickets for repeat offenders.”

In most places around the UK, pavement parking bans are enforced by the local council.

They can only charge drivers if they are parked on yellow lines or if signs say it’s not permitted.

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“Obviously they’ve had to drive along the pavement which is a traffic offence.

“You may cross a pavement when there’s access, dropped kerb. They haven’t crossed the pavement they’ve driven along it. Are they actually causing a problem though?”

The RAC advises drivers outside of London to use common sense when faced with no other option but to park on the pavement.

It continued saying: “If you are parking along a narrow road, where parking wholly on the road would stop other cars, and particularly emergency vehicles, from getting through, then it is a sensible option to park partially on a pavement.

“Providing there are no parking restrictions and providing you are not blocking a wheelchair user or pram from using the pavement.

“If there are restrictions, or your parking would cause wheelchair users or people with prams to have to walk into the road, then you should find somewhere else to park.”


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