Drivers urged to save on petrol and diesel costs by checking tyres after fuel duty cut


Drivers are being advised to take care of their tyres to help save on petrol and diesel costs, with tyres being responsible for approximately 20 percent of a vehicle’s fuel consumption. Generally, drivers should perform a tyre pressure check at least once a month as this will ensure the tyres are sufficiently inflated at all times.

Having under-inflated tyres can not only put the driver and their passengers at risk but will also cost them more money in the long run by affecting their fuel efficiency.

To check the tyre pressure, drivers are always advised to adhere to the car’s recommended pressure levels, which is often found in the owner’s manual or in the fuel cap.

Drivers are also advised to remove any unnecessary weight from their vehicle, ensuring that fuel is not wasted.

This could be smaller items that are kept in the car like child seats or larger external items like a roof box or bike racks.

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The same goes for having the windows open as this will interfere with the airflow around the vehicle which will impact fuel consumption.

He added: “Coasting in neutral or with the clutch depressed not only means you aren’t in control of the vehicle, but also means that fuel is still being delivered to the engine.

“If you remain in gear but take your foot off the accelerator, the fuel supply is cut off, reducing fuel consumption.

“It’s no surprise that ‘good’ drivers who plan ahead, closely monitor the road ahead to assess any developing situation and are progressive with their use of controls, are also fuel efficient drivers.”

RAC Fuel Watch shows that petrol prices are currently around 167.3p per litre, which “should fall”, while diesel fuel prices are expected to remain at the same level at 179.72p per litre.


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