Drivers can check if their petrol or diesel car is affected by new summer car tax changes


The Government’s new online tool will tell road users if they face fees in Bristol’s Clean Air Zone launching later this year. The new checker will show drivers do not always need to buy a brand new electric car to avoid heavy fees.

No vehicles will be completely banned from the zone with only the most polluting petrol and diesel models set to face fees.

Mayor Marvin Rees has warned it could be as simple as just upgrading a very old car for a slightly newer one to avoid daily fees.

Mr Rees added: “We’re making sure that the clean air zone won’t have a detrimental impact on people on low incomes or businesses that have already had a difficult two years.

“That’s why we have £42million available to help people to get cleaner vehicles.

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For those who own vehicles that will be charged, the council has secured funding for a range of grants and loans.

This money can be used to trade-in vehicles for an equivalent new or second-hand model that meets the new standards.

Non-compliant petrol and diesel cars will face daily fees of £9 when the scheme launches.

Taxis and Light Goods Vehicles such as vans will also be issued £9 fees, while Heavy Goods Vehicles and coaches will pay £100 daily charges.


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