‘Don’t use bleach’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘best’ way to remove black mould from walls


Cleaning star Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, is known for sharing her cleaning advice and tips on social media and TV. The cleaning enthusiast has over 4.3 million followers on Instagram. Fans of hers have even created their own social media groups in the cleaning influencer’s name where they share cleaning tips and hacks.

On one group, Facebook user Stephanie Hewer asked Mrs Hinch fans: “Help, how can I get rid of this?

“I’ve tried Astonish, I even left it on longer (couple of hours) but it’s not working.”

Stephanie shared a photo of black mould on the wall near a window.

The post was inundated with just under 100 comments but the most common suggestion was to avoid bleach and use HG mould spray.

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Vicki North agreed and said: “HG Mould spray is the best you can use.”

Sheila Rowland commented: “Agree with others that HG mould spray is fantastic. It will be gone in 30 minutes.”

Liz Tierney replied: “HG Mould spray is amazing.

“Look at the reviews before you buy it.”

HG Mould Remover Spray 500ml can be bought from Lakeland for £6.99.

HG Mould Remover Foam Spray can be bought from Wickes for £5.

HG Mould Spray 500ml Cleaner can be found on eBay for £2.99.

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using Cillit Bang black mould remover, white vinegar and Astonish mould remover.

Iris Dawn said: “Cillit bang black mould remover, sand and repaint.”

Tanya Louise Hender replied: “White vinegar, anything bleach-type feeds mould spores and it comes back with a vengeance every time.

“That’s only a quick fix though looks like you’ll need it properly seeing to.”

Michelle Jones wrote: “I used white vinegar. Mostly wipes off but most of it stains unfortunately. I just had to repaint.”

Catherine Needham replied: “Astonish Mould and Mildew remover.

“I have this around my windows too…it’s my guttering that’s broken that’s causing it.”


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