‘Don’t be afraid’: Interior designers on the ‘hottest trends’ for spring 2022


“From delicate flower patterns to a refreshing leaves design, the options to elegantly update your space are endless!”


Green colours such as sage and forest green are trending and can easily be incorporated into an interior space.

They can be added in using accessories, plants and soft furnishings without having to get a paint pot out.

For those who don’t have green fingers, botanical prints can be a great way to incorporate greenery and nature without purchasing houseplants.

Bold jungle prints, delicate florals and botanical wallpapers are all ways to add a touch of green.

Amy also suggested going for green blinds and curtains to draw the eye outside.

She “especially recommended” using green shades in the bedroom to create a “calming” space.

Lucy added: “With nature-inspired interiors being one of the hottest trends for interiors in 2022, colours blurring the line between the outside and inside space are now widely popular.


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