Dimitar Berbatov's worst Man Utd trainer under Sir Alex Ferguson – "he p***** me off!"


“But in training sessions he was really p****** me off sometimes to be honest. Like I was probably sometimes doing things that p***ed other people off, but Anderson really p***** me off.”

Anderson was signed from Porto in 2007 and spent eight years at United before heading back to his native Brazil, and the midfielder retired at the age of 31. While Cristiano Ronaldo plays on at 37, or Zlatan Ibrahimovic into his 40s, Anderson felt as though he had seen enough in his early 30s.

This perhaps echoes Berbatov’s ‘bad trainer’ claim, but Anderson won’t have many regrets. The Brazilian can retire happy knowing that he’s won almost all there is to win in football after winning the Premier League, Champions League and even the Copa America with Brazil.


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