Dillian Whyte clears up Tyson Fury knockout sparring rumours ahead of blockbuster clash


“I was there for different things – I was learning and I was improving. I’m a realist, I get outboxed sometimes. I put my hands in their air.”

Fury is around five inches taller than Whyte. Asked if weight and height could be a deciding factor, the South Londoner responded: “We’ll find out. I’m probably one of the strongest boxers to have ever lived. 

“Physically, I’m one of the strongest to have ever lived in any area. And I’m not someone to talk lightly about these things. He’s a big guy. He’s taller than me and he’s this, that and everything than me.

“Tyson Fury is not the most physically strongest guy. I know that from being around. Look how long it took him to finish off Wilder. Wilder was done after three rounds. Wilder was breathing out of his arse after three rounds.”


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