Dems are disregarding their own mandates they expect us to follow


At this point, you gotta think Democrats are just trolling America.

AOC, why don’t you go down to Florida and party maskless? Then come back and lecture people about how rugged individualism should be rejected. It’ll be hilarious.

Eric Garcetti, go pose with Magic Johnson bare-faced and then say you were holding your breath! Holy cow, they bought it!

How far can we push this? I got it: Stacey Abrams, go sit maskless in front of a bunch of schoolchildren who are forced to wear masks every day even though the science is crystal clear that they don’t need to. See if anyone from CNN or MSNBC notices.

We’ve all been taken for suckers. The liberal elite is out partying in the Hamptons, at French Laundry and in luxury suites while the rest of us get bullied and condescended to.

Enough! These people aren’t worth listening to, they aren’t worth voting for. This isn’t about science. It’s about control. Want to know why Americans have lost faith in government? Look in the mirror, you feckless jackasses. 

Magic Johnson with San Francisco Mayor London Breed and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti at the LA Rams game.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti claimed he held his breath when he posed for a maskless photo with NBA legend Magic Johnson at a football game, defying COVID-19 restrictions.

And if you don’t lift restrictions soon, if you don’t finally let kids breathe again, the public is going to do it for you — and it won’t be pretty.

Want to know why we’re all furious? That picture of Stacey Abrams is the exact reason. No one trusts you, Democrats, and no one ever will again.


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