David Domoney recommends trick to kill weeds that doesn’t cost a penny – 'clears them out'


David Domoney is a horticulturist and presenter who regularly appears on ITV’s Love Your Weekend alongside Alan Titchmarsh. The gardening expert often shares his extensive knowledge with fans, including how to get rid of weeds.

Weeds crop up everywhere in the garden, but fortunately there are simple methods to remove them.

Gardeners are encouraged to use natural methods to get rid of weeds as not to damage nearby plants.

Natural methods are also cheaper and better for the environment.

David Domoney spoke to Express.co.uk about his favourite method of getting rid of weeds which doesn’t cost a penny.

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On its website, the RHS advised: “Pull up annual weeds by hand before they set seed.

“Perennial weeds should be dug out with as much root (or bulb) as possible, using a hand or border fork.

“Hand weeding is easiest on lighter soils and should only be attempted where it will not disturb the roots of garden plants.

“Further pulling may be necessary with persistent weeds such as bindweed or couch grass where small root sections left behind can re-grow into new plants.”

A spokesperson for the company said: “There’s nothing more disheartening than seeing hours of hard work in the garden ruined by pesky weeds that seem to sprout from nowhere.

“There are loads of commercial products on the market that will do the job in killing the weeds quickly, but most of these contain potentially harmful chemicals.

“Not only are these homemade concoctions a chemical-free alternative, but you’ll also save the expense of store bought products.

“Products with high acidic values are usually effective, but you should avoid spraying them directly on soil as substances like vinegar can break down the soil structure and kill beneficial microorganisms.”


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