Common tip to clear windscreen frost is 'really bad' – drivers urged to use better method


There are currently six yellow warnings issued by the Met Office dealing with snow and ice in northern Scotland and ice across England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Because of the falling temperatures, millions of drivers are waking up to frosted or icy windscreens in the mornings.

Many defrosting hacks have been circulating around the internet, using homemade concoctions or unusual items to clear the frost.

While there is debate over whether these actually work, one expert is warning drivers to be careful when using one of the most common methods.

Olly Jones, co-founder at elmo, warned drivers, saying: “Putting boiling water on your windscreen is a really bad idea. 

“Putting boiling water on any type of glass can cause little cracks to form and can worsen existing cracks – and windscreens are no exception. 

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For the snow and ice warning, some travel disruption may occur thanks to snow showers and icy surfaces.

Some roads and railways are likely to be affected with longer journey times by road, bus and train services.

“If you know a frost is coming, you can take steps to prepare your windscreen, a great hack is to put an old towel over the windscreen which you can remove in the morning and it should stop ice forming.

“If you do wake up to an unexpected frosting, you can use lukewarm water, de-icing spray or water and rubbing alcohol mixture to help remove the ice while scraping gently. 

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A further 75 percent said they would not change their plans if there was an amber weather warning, according to the survey of 13,000 drivers.

Drivers were asked which of the following external factors would make them change their driving plans, including weather warnings, roadworks, traffic alerts, bank holidays, and fuel costs as well as personal factors like sleeping badly the night before.

Shockingly two percent said nothing would ever make them change their driving plans. 

If those respondents stuck to their guns during a red weather warning it could lead to an equivalent of 720,000 drivers in the UK putting themselves and others at risk by driving in adverse weather conditions.


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