'Cheap' hair style hack to create 'simple and sexy' look with plenty of volume


With Christmas party season upon us, creating a show-stopping hairstyle at home can be a daunting prospect, especially for those who don’t typically stray away from their everyday hairstyle. However, Jack Mead, co-owner of Lymington-based Jack and The Wolfe hair salon and star of E4’s The Big Blow Out says there are plenty of looks you can create yourself at home without masses of experience in the world of styling.

Jack is a cutting specialist who started his career in hairdressing when he was just 14 years old and has since gone on to work on television, London fashion week and become a finalist at the British hairdressing awards.

While he is well-versed in the world of high-end products, there is a cheap styling accessory which could offer your a “simple and sexy” look perfect for festive soirees.

“Get yourself just cheap Velcro rollers and whack them in,” he said. “It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect but they will give your hair movement and volume.”

When it comes to getting the most volume from your hair, however, the right haircut can work wonders.

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Jack explained: “If you want to add volume to your hair you need the right haircut. Shape in the right places is essential to allowing you to get effortless volume but if you haven’t had that haircut yet a set of rollers and a dry texture spray will be your best friend.

Once you have added some volume to your hair, Jack recommends creating a “simple and sexy updo for Christmas” using a few hairpins.

“Get as much of your hair in one hand and turn it in on itself behind your head,” he explained. “With the other hand mould it into a roll. Then use about five or six kirby grips to secure it.”

And don’t be worried about creating a perfectly smooth or put-together look. Jack said: “The messier the better. If bits of hair fall down it will look great with the movement you have already put in with rollers.”

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How to use velcro rollers to create volume

Velcro rollers come in many different shapes and sizes, and are designed to give voluminous hair. Velcro roller tutorials have grown on TikTok, with influencers showing how they get the bouncy hair of their dreams.

At the time of writing, the hashtag for #Velcrorollers has 102.4M views, and it’s growing. Velcro rollers work on both dry and damp hair, and using them with a blow-dryer can speed up the process if you are tight on time.

Before using your rollers, make sure to brush out any tangles. Next, it’s a good idea to prep the spay with a volume and body mouse to make it easier for the rollers to grip.

Select a section of hair from the crown of your head. This is usually done in section sizes of one to one and a half inches at your parting.

Wind the hair in the roller forwards towards the forehead. Once the roller has been rolled all the way to the roof of your hair, secure it in place with a grip.

Velcro rollers are self-gripping, but for longer or thicker hair, they can slide out without the help of a clip. Then, repeat the process with another roller behind the first, and so on, until all of your hair is secured.

If your hair is dry, spritz each section of your hair with hairspray to hold your tresses place, however, don’t overdo this step as you might end up with crunchy hair. If your hair is wet, it is at this point that you can blow dry it, or allow it to air dry.

The rollers should be left in for a minimum of 10 to 30 minutes, then carefully slide them out one by one making sure to follow the same direction as the hair was rolled.


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