'Cheap and gentle' laundry substitutes to help 'brighten' whites and 'remove stains'


Doing lots of loads of laundry can be a time-consuming chore as well as being expensive if buying lots of scented products. However, there are ways in which households can wash their clothes for cheaper, including using white vinegar and baking soda.

White vinegar works by loosening dirt particles in clothing as well as softening clothes without harsh chemicals.

Baking soda has great deodorising properties as well as helping to brighten clothes.

Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap, the world’s leading on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service, told Express.co.uk: “As your clothing gets older and more worn, it becomes increasingly defenceless against the harsh chemicals in laundry detergents.

“A cheap and gentle substitute for detergent is a solution of baking soda and white vinegar.

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For those wanting to get more wear out of their clothes, making a deodorising spray at home is the best way to do so.

The cleaning expert recommended mixing vinegar and water together before adding a few drops of essential oil into the solution.

Once made, the solution can be sprayed over clothing to remove any musty or smoky odours.

Deyan added: “Then, wash your item by adding half a cup of lemon juice or vodka to the washing machine to leave your clothes looking clean and smelling fresh.

“Always check the label. Some items are too delicate to wash even with baking soda and white vinegar, so make sure you check the label first.

“Some items, like silk, will need to be hand washed and others might need to be cleaned by a professional.”


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