Charging my electric car is a nightmare: EV owner furious at charging hell


Lewis Fox, a teacher in Gillingham in Kent, says the decision to go green has disrupted his life because the BP pulse chargers at his nearest supermarket are constantly out of order. The 22-year-old said while he did not regret swapping his old diesel for a £21,000 electric VW Golf, getting it topped up had proved a “nightmare”.

Since buying his new car in December, his car has often been without charge, having to walk from his home in Gillingham to his job at a secondary school.

He said he has missed out on family occasions over Christmas and has had to rely on lifts because his car was not charged.

The teacher claims his main gripe is with the BP charging facility at his nearest Asda supermarket.

Mr Fox said one of the two chargers was out of action for nearly three months and calls to the company to fix it fell on deaf ears.

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It is thought this move will support hundreds of new jobs in the UK.

BP also announced plans to launch new home charge digital products, as well as expanding fleet products and services.

A BP spokesperson told “We’re sorry that Mr. Lewis has had difficulty charging his electric vehicle at this particular charging site in Gillingham on a number of occasions. 

“Following a visit from one of our engineers last Friday, the unit is now fully operational and is delivering charge to our customers.

“As one of the fastest growing networks, and the most used public charging network in the UK – with the highest daily demand from customers – we recognise that we have not always managed to keep up with this huge level of growth and almost exponential demand for our services.

“We know that some of our customers have not had a good experience and we are truly sorry. 

“We’re investing in people, hardware and upgrading our technology to help us deliver significant operational improvement for our customers.” have reached out to Asda for a comment.


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