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Three vegetables that may be 'stimulating brain activity' and sabotaging your sleep

Obtaining healthy sleep is critical for both mental and physical wellbeing, yet nearly a quarter of Britons don't get enough.

More than one million electric vehicles registered in 'important milestone' for UK

During what is typically the second biggest month of the year for the sector, 225,269 cars joined Britain’s roads. The one millionth plug-in...

Too much of a certain supplement could raise risk of loss of brain function '3.5 times'

Dementia causes a person to become progressively forgetful and confused with time - a process which cannot be medically cured or slowed down....

DEAL OF THE DAY: Shoppers are calling Wilko Halogen Cooker 'energy-efficient'

With the costs for essential tasks like cooking set to rise significantly, many Brits are looking for cheaper alternatives to using the oven...

Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's introduce ban affecting all UK stores this month

"This has included work to help people choose appropriate portion sizes. We know how valuable good health is to everyone, and we’re committed...