Omicron surge: New Mexico extends indoor mask mandate

New Mexico moved to extend COVID-19 health orders on Friday.  In an emergency public health order, New Mexico Department of Health Acting Secretary Dr. David Scrase directed that all individuals ages 2 years and older shall wear a face mask in all indoor

Stress may be the culprit behind Crohn’s disease, study finds

Researchers have identified a possible link between psychological stress and Crohn’s disease. In a study led by Canada’s McMaster University and the Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Institute, and published in the journal Nature, the authors said that mouse models found that

COVID-19, flu and cold: The symptoms and how they differ

Between a surge of COVID-19 variants, an active flu season and other spreading viruses, determining what an illness is can be tricky.  Experts say that testing is the best way to find out for certain because overlapping symptoms could cause confusion.  NEW

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