Bryan Adams explodes when asked about 'oral sex' song


The world of entertainment is full of cheeky moments where an artist has snuck a very adult reference into their work. From the Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (supposed LSD reference) to Disney animators hiding rude shapes in beloved films or notorious children’s show Captain Pugwash (with his trusty sidekick Master Bates), countless juicy urban legends have sprung up. However, Adams himself is the one who originally ignited the blaze around one of his most enduring and singalong songs – with a very saucy chorus.

Adams was being interviewed for Aussie show Today Extra by hosts David Campbell and Belinda Russell, when she asked him about his huge 1984 hit Summer of 69.

She asked: “1969 was a pretty big year in history.. The Moon Landings, Woodstock.. but you were just a kid back then. So what is the story behind Summer of 69?”

Adams bluntly shot back: “I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about the new album, that’s why I’m here,” to which David replied, “Wow, OK.”

That sounds fair enough, except Belinda was actually disingenuously trawling for a far juicier reply – and Adams knew it and refused to play ball.

The rock star actually started the whole furore when he decided to reveal that everyone had been wrong about his 1984 hit. He has previously joked about it on stage during shows but this time he decided to be upfront in an interview.

The title and chorus can certainly be interpreted in a straightforward celebration of a memorable year in a man’s life.

The first chorus goes: “Oh, and when you held my hand, I knew that it was now or never, Those were the best days of my life. Oh, yeah! Back in the summer of ’69.Oh!”

However, at the end of the song, it expands to: “It was the summer of ’69. Oh, yeah! Me and my baby in a 69. Oh! Oh!”

Adams laid it all bare in an interview in July 2020.

Adams said: “There is a huge misconception that this song is about 1969, but it’s not. The reason I chose 69 is because of the sexual position. The imagery in the song is about romance, nostalgia, being a struggling musician and making love…

I just threw in the lyric ‘It was the summer of ’69’ and it stuck. And the guitar intro is about the only thing I can play, so that was pretty easy.”

The rock legend also said this year: “I only ever wrote that title because it made me laugh.”

One thing is for sure – there is no way the song and its title are strictly autobiographical

Adams himself was only nine years old in 1969. The song emerged from intense recording sessions with the legendary Mutt Lange. Although now rightly regarded as a classic, it was not a major success on release. It charted in the US but made no impact across Europe. It wasn’t until it surged to number one in Holland ten years later that it began a bumper second life and is now the star’s most-streamed song.

The line “Jimmy quit and Jodie got married”, however, references Adams’ former drummer Jimmy while Jody Perpik is still his soundman all these years later.



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