‘Brilliant’: Mrs Hinch fans share 99p way to get rid of black mould – ‘keeps it at bay’


Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, often shares unusual cleaning tips and tricks on social media. Now, her followers also share their advice on dedicated forums, including how to tackle mould in the home.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, Shauna Lou wrote: “I have a huge mould issue in my bathroom. What are your best tips on cleaning and keeping it at bay?

“I’m thinking of cladding the whole bathroom once this is done. My bathroom is rented and there’s a window open.”

Mould and mildew are both caused by humidity, a high level of moisture in the air.

This means it is likely to occur in rooms which are naturally more humid, including the bathroom and kitchen.

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Harriet Wilson said: “If it is mould you can tackle it using a combination of tricks including mould remover and ventilation.

“I find my dehumidifier works a treat. I had a mould problem years ago and since using a dehumidifier, it’s completely gone and never returned.”

When drying clothing indoors, it is best to use a dehumidifier or leave windows open to help them dry.

Using a clothes horse indoors without ventilation is a huge cause of mould and damp.


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