‘Astonishing’: Grand Designs couple build ‘incredible’ American ranch-style home for £170k


Six plots of affordable pieces of land just outside of Glasgow were sold to budding self-builders as many more people dream of being able to design their own home. The property show followed animator Joanna and carpenter Ben who were building a ranch-style home in a rundown part of Glasgow.

The couple loved listening to American country music and were inspired by the buildings of the Wild West, and their home was made from simple materials with a structural Douglas fir frame.

With a tight budget of £170,000, the couple could only afford to build their dream home if they constructed it themselves.

However, neither of them had ever built a house before.

The couple used native timber as their structure, but they super-sized it to ensure it was stable.

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The inside of the home was stunning with an open plan living space as well as being double height, making it open and bright.

There was also a floor-to-ceiling window, allowing natural light to flow through.

Once completed, Kevin revisited the home which was full of greenery.

He said: “Doesn’t that look just charming, we could be in Oregon.

“I really really like your house…if you didn’t know how this building was made, it tells you, it’s all here. It’s a world of wood.”

Upstairs, the greenery continued as well as wooden features.

But did the couple manage to stick to their tight budget of £170,000?

Joanna said: “We had a £170,000 budget, we mean the mortgage we got from the bank was £170,000, so that’s what we spent.”

Kevin said: “Amazing value, I mean astonishing value.”

Twitter users also loved the transformation, calling the couple “proper self-builders”.

User Dariusz Ski said: “Lovely looking house design!”

Paul posted: “Proper builders who are putting blood, sweat and tears into their home.”

User Alice wrote: “That home is incredible, what a dream home.”


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