Ask the expert: How to protect against keyless car theft as cases rise


With the vast majority of newer cars using keyless entry for access into a vehicle, savvy thieves are taking advantage of technology to either break into, or steal vehicles. Dan Powell, Senior Editor at heycar said: “The most common form of keyless theft happens when thieves capture the signal from the keyfob and then boost it to open the car and drive it away.”

Heycar have put together a guide to keyless theft and how to avoid it, with tips on where to keep your keys and technology to thwart thieves. Read the expert advice below.

What is keyless car theft?
Keyless car theft (sometimes called relay theft) is a way of stealing a vehicle without using the physical keyfob.
The targeted vehicles are those with keyless entry and start systems, exploiting the technology to get into the car and drive it away.

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How to avoid keyless car theft
Keyless car theft sounds almost unstoppable, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t preventative steps you can take.

Putting the keys somewhere safe within your house should be your number one priority. Firstly, keep the key away from doors and windows. Thieves usually have to try and “grab” the signal from outside, so the further away the keys are from the exterior walls, the better.

Some metal boxes (like those that biscuits or tea bags come in) can work — plus, then you get biscuits, too. Signal-blocking pouches, often called faraday bags, are metal lined wallets.

You can buy them online and from motor retailers with prices starting at about £5. To check that it works, put the key in the bag when you’re standing beside the locked car.
The doors should stay locked. You should also put the spare key that lives in the house in a similar bag.

Anything else you can do to make the car harder to steal will be a deterrent. Putting the car in a garage, getting a lockable post on your driveway and in-car security devices such as steering wheel locks can also help.

If you have a high-value car, consider getting a tracking device fitted as well.


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