'Aldi are getting sneaky!': Parents left fuming over 55p baby wipes change


Some Aldi shoppers are unhappy with the decision to replace the 64 pack of Mamia baby wipes with a slightly smaller 60 pack. They have complained about the quality of the new biodegradable product.

Aldi have decided to scrap their 64 pack of Mamia baby wipes.

But they will not leave their customers high and dry, offering packs of 60 Mania wipes instead.

The move was an environmental one, as the 64 pack of Mamia baby wipes contained plastic.

Whereas, the new, slighter smaller pack, is biodegradable.

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In terms of cost, Mamia 60 packs of biodegradable baby wipes are priced at 55p a pack.

The 64 packs of Mamia wipes cost 62p per pack.

News of the discontinued product and its replacement reached Facebook, with the post amassing over 4,000 comments.

Posting on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook group, shopper Kelly Jane wrote: “Aldi are getting sneaky! 64 down to 60!!!! Aldi UK sort it out! Read the comments.”


Parents flocked to the post expressing their annoyance regarding the new product.

One Aldi shopper, Francine Julian, had an issue with the quality and efficacy of the wipes.

“Disappointed”, she revealed that she had stopped using them because they reminded her of Huggies Wipes, saying that they fall about when using.

Another shopper, Lauren-marie Gordon, slammed the supermarket, calling the wipes “absolutely rubbish”, again comparing them to Huggies.

She mused: “Whoever designed these clearly didn’t try clean a dirty bum with them.”

Like Francine, Lauren expressed that she felt “disappointed” having moved to the 64 pack of Mamia baby wipes in 2018 after Pampers were changed.

Chantelle Oliver commented: “Not only that but they have gone to pot too!”

Again, she compared them to Huggies, calling the quality “awful”.

Because the quality of the wipes are less robust, according to Facebook users, parents and carers are forced to buy more.

She continued: “Two packets used to last me a week. Now I go through them in four days – so frustrating as I love Aldi normally.”

Melissa Pruden said: “These new ones are absolutely pants.”

Facebook user Kelsey Berry offered an alternative, recommending Morrisons baby wipes, citing them as “absolutely amazing”.

Dannyelle Preston argued that the “best” wipes are from Poundland.

Express.co.uk contacted Aldi for comment, and a spokesperson said: “Moving to biodegradable wipes is another step forward in our commitment to reduce plastic across our ranges.

“As well as being plastic-free, our Mamia Biodegradable Wipes remain significantly cheaper than the Big Four, and we will continue to do all we can to keep prices down so shoppers know they will always make significant savings when they shop with us.”

Express.co.uk have also contacted Huggies for comment.


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