‘Absolutely brilliant’ Mrs Hinch fans share tips for ‘streak free’ stainless steel


Mrs Hinch is a cleaning influencer who shot to fame after sharing her cleaning tips and tricks on social media. Thanks to her extensive knowledge and her popularity among Britons, she now has more than four million followers on Instagram.

Mrs Hinch is so popular that fans have created Facebook pages and groups in her honour.

In one group, with more than 100,000 members, cleaning enthusiast Jane wanted to know how to get her stainless steel cooker “streak free”.

She said: “So I’ve tried cleaning my stainless steel cooker with white vinegar, stainless steel cleaner, baby oil, soapy water. Help I just can’t get it streak free. It’s driving me nuts!”

Fortunately, Jane’s post was inundated with comments in minutes and other Mrs Hinch fans had plenty of tips to offer.

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Shelagh Baugh said: “Try Flash Kitchen Spray and buff dry. Works every time for me. Brings stainless steel back like new every time.”

Helen Conte wrote: “I use elbow grease, wipe it off and buff with a paper towel. If occasionally there are any streaks I just use Method glass cleaner – perfect finish.”

Mandy Hinchcliffe recommended using a product usually already kept in most households’ cupboards.

She said: “Baby oil normally works, put it on small amount on a dry micro fibre cloth, don’t rub it too much, let it settle and leave it.”

Interestingly, other Mrs Hinch fans have praised baby oil in the past for its ability to shine stainless steel.

They recommended using baby oil on cookers and hobs after cleaning them in order to get a streak free shine.

Earlier this month, Sarah Hacker said: “Once it’s clean [hob], rub baby oil over the top – no streaks!”

Vicky Miller commented: “Baby oil and kitchen roll.”

Kim Kettle added: “Baby oil and a soft cloth.”

As for the task of cleaning the hob or cooker before applying the baby oil, Eilatan Disley wrote this week: “Waitrose have an eco stainless and glass cleaner. It’s really good and then buff with micro cloth.”

Allison Brittain commented: “Magic eraser with warm water. Wipe in the direction of the ‘grain’. Then dry in the direction of the grain with a paper kitchen towel.”

Helen Hart said: “Cif stainless steel cleaner – just spray it on and wipe off with kitchen roll.”


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